Dad’s Wisdom

Dads are usually more practical in their advice than moms. Very often they don’t dole out as much of it…but when they do, we know they mean it!

Here’s what some of the Living and Loving staff, contributors and friends said about the advice they got from their dads.

The best advice I got from my dad was: work on a budget and don’t buy on credit, rather save and pay cash for something you want. – Elsa de Beer (Living and Loving)


“He said that I would learn more from travelling than at any university. (I gave up university for a modelling contract that turned into 10 years of living in Japan.) The other was to question everything. He was a journalist and I never take anything at face value.” Zoe Fairbrother Straw (Model and friend)


“My dad always taught us to treat every single person with dignity and respect no matter who they are or where they come from.
And being the passionate Italian that he is- he also taught me to how to wrap my pasta professionally around a spoon and mop up the sauce with bits of chunky Ciabatta bread!” Tammy Jacks (Living and Loving)


“Pay your debts first”Ingrid Loud (Stylist and friend)


My father always told me I should be top of the class. “If you’re not top of the class then ask yourself why and do the work you need to do to get there.”were his words to me.


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