The ties that bind

My husband and my father-in-law love to watch rugby together. It’s their thing, it’s how they bond. So most big rugby days are spent with my in-laws (who I truly adore and love spending time with).

When my son was a baby, he used to cry (no actually scream in terror) when dad would yell at the television during the games. But now that the cheering and yelling doesn’t make Michael cry anymore, he loves sitting with his dad and “Oups”, leaping up when they do, yelling his approval and of course, letting Ouma wait on him hand and foot.

My daughter and I don’t share this enthusiasm for rugby, but we all cherish the traditions of this time together and we wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Oumie is the best cook in town and possibly also the best granny. She always puts out everyone’s favourite snacks and the children are never forgotten. We light a fire and open a few bottles of good red wine and we chat and share jokes which the children always re tell the next day.

I believe in traditions because they create memories, build shared family identity and give everyone a sense of belonging. So now that I’ve shared our family traditions, watch this space. On Monday I’m going to ask all our staff what their favourite traditions are and share them with you.

And remember – If all else fails, make Jelly!


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