Love poetry? You’ll love this book


This little poetry book landed on my desk yesterday, and because I just love poetry, I read it from cover to cover in under ten minutes.


This 21 page book is a delightful collection of poems written by Paul Benjamin, a Cape Town based labour lawyer.

The book is the result of Paul’s need to destress after demanding days at work and a love for verse which he shares with his son.

It all began with the enjoyment of reading Dr Seuss books together with his son, and culminated in writing a book of poetry inspired by fatherhood. In this book,  Dad, don’t go to work, Paul captures in verse his delight at sharing the world with his son. From family outings to cricket on the lawn and the heartache of saying goodbye, parents and children alike will love reading the clever little verses and sometimes funny, sometimes moving poems together.

The book is R75.00 in paperback or R49.00 if purchased as an e-book and a portion of the proceeds of the sale of the book will be donated to the following literacy initiatives: THE FUNDZA LITERARY TRUST and the GCINAMASIKO ARTS AND HERITAGE TRUST.


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