…and in the end


…It’s all worth while!

Aimee-Rain, my 9-year-old daughter, can be a handful. She’s a little ray of sunshine a good portion of the time, filling our lives with laughter and joy, but raising her has been a challenge.

I’ve often told her that she came into the world kicking and screaming – fighting for her space in the world – and sometimes it feels like she’s never stopped. I’ve also described her as my “angry tornado”. She’ll swoop in on you, directing her indignation and rage in your direction, and just as suddenly it will all be over, the sun will come out and it will be like nothing happened.

Aimee-Rain had colic, so would scream from 5pm to 12.30am night after night from the age of 6 weeks. She slept in our bed or in our room on and off until she was 6. She wouldn’t be deterred or convinced otherwise. I often asked her why it was so important for her to be in my room and one day she said to me:

“Mommy, if I’m not close to you, I can’t love you. And the love is just squeezing out of me so I can’t help it!”

Since she’s learnt to write I get loads of letters written to me. I treasure each one of them as an expression of the purest form of love any human can experience – that of a child.

Happy weekend everyone. I hope you get some time to give those precious little angels in your life an extra squeeze and lots of loving! They need it.



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