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I realized very early on in my parenting life that it’s just not possible to be great at everything…and it’s fine to admit it too.

Before I had children there wasn’t any need to spend much time in the kitchen. Grabbing a take-away, popping a bag of popcorn or eating a slice of toast for dinner seemed like perfectly adequate options.

So it wasn’t until I had a family to feed that I realized I didn’t like spending time in the kitchen and I wasn’t very good at putting quick and easy meals together.

Now, I don’t believe I’m the only woman in the world who would welcome a chef into her home to solve this little problem, so when McCain offered to send an Olympic Chef to my home, laden with produce and all the equipment needed to cook our evening meal, I didn’t hesitate.

Added to my excitement was the fact that Chef Charl Gyzen would be arriving with ingredients for a prawn curry for that evening, as well as ingredients and a recipe for me to try my hand at a delicious lasagna the following evening too – my daughter’s chosen dish for her birthday dinner.

Along with all his very impressive equipment, Charl arrived with a box of the most delicious sweet potato and butternut cupcakes – healthy, yummy and in time to celebrate my little girl’s birthday.

I’ll admit I felt a little guilty just watching Charl do all the hard work. But he made it look so easy – and he did seem to be enjoying himself…so who was I to interfere?

While he cooked, we talked at length about his love of cooking, different quick cooking methods and the value of using frozen vegetables in cooking.

Admittedly I didn’t need a great deal of convincing. I remember learning about the quick freezing of vegetables in high school and how this method locks in the goodness because there’s no time for the vitamins and minerals to leach or deteriorate. The process also prevents bacterial growth and preserves the sweetness and taste of the vegetables.

…it all makes so much sense really…

So at the end of it all, Charl left us with a wonderfully tasty meal, loads of new knowledge and best of all…a spotlessly clean kitchen.

McCain did not sponsor this post but they provided the ingredients for the meals.



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