Vital Health pledges their support against women and child abuse

We are very passionate about The Vital Foundation, an organisation that will be joining the fight against women and child abuse, which will be launched on Women’s Day, 9 August. No woman or child deserves to be abused. Did you know 64 000 rape cases were reported in 2012 and that a woman is raped every four minutes? These statistics seem to be growing at an exponential rate, which is quite scary if you think about it. One of those 64 000 victims could be our daughters, mothers, friends or work colleagues.

We need to step up and show our support in any way we can so these crimes against women and children can stop.

According to a recent combined report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the South African Medical Research

Council, physical or sexual violence affects more than one-third of all women globally.

These statistics urged George Grieve, managing director at Vital Health Foods to take action and make a tangible contribution to the fight against abuse in South Africa. And so the idea for the Vital Foundation was born.

So what is the Vital Foundation?
The Vital Foundation is a source of empowerment and inspiration to achieve good health and provides access to expert information on women and child abuse and the services and assistance that are available through its portal

The Vital Foundation will also provide funding to organisations currently offering services related to women and child abuse. The initiative aims to change abusive relationships and build healthier homes, families and communities.

There are many other organisations out there dealing with women and child abuse, and the Vital Foundation does not seek to replace or compete with any of the current initiatives or organisations, but rather to provide funding to organisations currently offering services related to women and child abuse. Organisations, groups and individuals will be invited to apply for funding later this year.

How can we join the fight?
Buy Vital vitamins sold in South Africa! For every Vital vitamin supplement purchased, Vital Health Foods will donate R1 to the Vital Foundation.


For more info about the Vital Foundation, visit or email

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