Nhlanhla Nciza on getting a good night’s rest with baby

We’re pleased to let you know that Huggies® Dry Comfort® has partnered with celebrity mom, Nhlanhla Nciza of Afro-pop duo Mafikizolo. She is such a great role model and a wonderful mother to 18-month-old Luvuyo.

We caught up with her to get her tips and advice for a good night’s rest with baby for those wake ups that you can’t avoid. Here’s what she said:

  • Keep your baby’s sleep routine consistent. Make sure your child goes to bed at the same time every night—and has a soothing routine that gets him there.
  • Avoid exciting or stimulating activities before bedtime. Adding lavender-scented bubbles to his bath, keeping the lighting in the house soft and reading a bedtime story are all great ways of calming your child before bedtime.
  • If you want your child to go to sleep without a battle, don’t let him get overtired. Find your child’s natural bedtime window by keeping a lookout for “sleepy cues” like eye rubbing, listlessness, crankiness or yawning.
  • Warm, cozy feet are a natural human sedative, so layer on the fuzzy socks, bunny slippers and footed blanket sleepers when suiting up your little one in his PJ’s.
  • Special bedtime snuggles go a long way before bedtime. Whether a back tickle, playing with your child’s hair or just cuddling your baby, your child will feel safe and loved before they go to sleep.
  • Get a night-light. It may seem counterintuitive to light up a room to help your child sleep, but a dim light can do wonders at keeping the “monsters” at bay and keeping the calls for Mommy to a minimum.

Nhlanhla Nciza


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