Cars, boats, planes and trains birthday party

As you know, little boys squeal with delight at the mere sight of cars, planes or trains. So for this easy theme, we combined them all to create one thrilling party. Look out for transport themed wrapping paper, stickers and cake toppers – they’re everywhere and can be used to great effect to pull this theme together and make it really simple.

Party Invitations

Set the theme from the get go for your little one’s party with a beautiful invitation.



Add flair to your cupcakes by making your own wrappers. Bake your cupcakes in ordinary wrappers. When cooled, cut cardboard to the template provided here, tape the sides together then wrap a ribbon or a strip of paper around the base of the wrapper for added detail.


Party Treats


The kids will love this tasty treat. Click here for the recipe.


Chocolate whoopie pies with creamy filling

Chocolate is always a winning flavour at parties and these chocolate whoopie pies will be a winning treat with little ones. Get the recipe here.


Tyre biscuits

These “tyres” are so easy to make. Use Oreo biscuits with wheel spokes piped on in royal icing (egg whote mixed with icing sugar to a piping consistency) with a size 2 nozzle.


Cars, planes and trains biscuits – Allison from Tiny Bite; Visit

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