Carnival party

Carnival_tableBe inspired by this fairground extravaganza complete with piñatas and all the traditional treats you’d find at the fair – streamers, balloons, mini toffee apples, doughnuts and lemonade. Keep little guests busy by setting up traditional games like sack races, spoon and egg race, tug o’ war and musical chairs. Don’t be afraid to go “over the top” with this theme.

Carnival_table 3Click here for instructions on how to make these big tissue pompoms.

A doughnut “tree” will delight young and old and is a perfect centrepiece. Buy plain doughnuts and ice them in the colours of your theme.


These carnival coupons make great table decor and can be handed out in packs to each child so they can use them as “currency” when joining in games.


Catchable bubbles are guaranteed to get the children off their feet and expanding some of their sweetie-induced energy. Personalise the bottles with theme-appropriate “bubbles” labels.


Kids will love these mini-toffee apples. Buy the apples in a tin, dry them off with paper towel and dip them into caramelised sugar.


Pour juice into clear Consol glass bottles and offer colourful straws to sip from.


The cool thing about these cute cake pops is that they’re small enough for children to enjoy without them licking the icing and leaving all the cake behind.


Popcorn cones are a great way to serve popcorn in manageable portions for little hands and they’re so easy to make – using strong paper or light cardboard, cut each piece in quarters, fold each quarter into a cone and staple or celotape the cones in place.


Glue a few colourful strands of streamers to the tops of your party hats for an extra pop of colour.


Don’t forget your invites and thank you cards!



Cake pops – Hillary 072 469 3638; Decor and printed cups, plates and serviettes – Hedgehog Lane; Warren 072 469 3638. Pinatas – Pinatas Galore;

Party styled by Sasha Zambetti; 083 554 7757


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