Cat in the hat party

Inspired by the comical children’s book, Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss, this fun party theme is ideal for boys or girls. Add more feminine touches for a girl’s party by adding a little more pink and purple detail, as the blue, red and white tends to be more masculine.

You can ask guests to come dressed up or provide bowties and hats or colour the children’s hair with hair spray.



This piñata doubles as the centrepiece, and is classic Cat in the Hat style. The hats on each place setting also have secret hollow centres to fill with goodies for each child. If you have time, you can make them yourself or buy them from Piñata’s Galore.



Make your child’s birthday party fun from the get go with this Cat in the Hat party invitation. Download your template here.



Personalised snow globes, available at Clicks stores, make perfect party décor and take-home gifts. Insert colour-copied images.



Blue candy floss atop vanilla cupcakes replicates Thing 1 and Thing 2’s crazy hairdos, and the kids will love it. Get the recipe here.



Two round cakes make this hat cake, and the red, blue and white roll-out icing provides the detail. Or you can bake a one-layer round cake and have a picture from the book printed on rice paper to lay on top.



An easy idea is to have theme appropriate images printed, and then simply stick them to shop-bought items – in this case, UHT drinking milk and fruit-flavoured yoghurt tubs.



Popcorn is always a hit with kids.



Coconut ice made red and white instead of the traditional pink and white brings through the colours in the cat’s hat.



Small details like these hat and alphabet biscuits complement the theme perfectly. Get the recipe here.

Piñatas and mini piñatas  – Piñatas Galore: Cat in the hat décor, printed cups, plates and serviettes – Shirley from Crazy Catz: call 072 613 6065. Cat in the Hat cake and cupcakes – Hillary: call 072 469 3638.

Party styled by Sasha Zambetti: call 083 554 7757



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