Make a difference and adopt a TrashCanKid

There’s a place not too far from here, full of little boys and girls, it’s called the Forgotten World. Hidden in the alleys, dumpsters and shadows are stories that need to be told. These are the stories of the TrashCanKidz.

There are children all over the world that live on the streets. They have no food and nowhere to call home. They live out of dumpsters and try to find a little bit of hope in the corners of the street that they call home.

The TrashCanKidz initiative wants to bring hope into the lives of these children. They invite children to adopt a TrashCanKid doll of their own. These dolls represent the homeless children of our world.

Meet the TrashCanKidz!  They all have unique characters but all have one thing in common, they yearn to be loved.

Calypso (left) and Slam(right)

Slam & CalypsoSolo




Every time a TrashCanKid is adopted, 20% of the adoption fee will be donated to local children’s charities through the TrashCanKidz Foundation and Sandton City.

We attended the opening of the pop-up shop in Sandton City last week where we adopted two TrashCanKidz – Rose and Samson. We love them so much and know that little girls and boys will care for their TrashCanKidz just as much as we do!

Pop_up_shop_at Sandton

It was love at first sight when we met Rose and Samson 🙂 Below is Designer Katlego Banoe adopting her TrashCanKid.

Katlego Adopting Samson

Visit for more info.




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