A day in the life of a stay at home mom

One of our readers, Kaajal Philbrick, mom to Hermione (3) and Vihaan (1 month) recently send in a poem she wrote about what a typical day for a stay at home mom is like. She tells us what inspired her to write the poem and shares it with us to stick on our fridges at home as well.

Blog_poem_Kaajal family

“The poem is titled ‘Book club night’ as a group of us (moms) meet once a month for book club and we take turns to host the event. This night is often the only night we have off while our husbands or the grandparents take care of the children. Book club night is the one night we can just be a group of women and enjoy each other’s company.

I was inspired to write the poem when my husband asked me one evening after work what I did today. While I knew that I was very busy the entire day, I couldn’t think of a single ‘constructive’ thing to say. Later that evening when my daughter was in bed, I sat down and really thought about my typical day. I then wrote this truthful poem that documents the events in an ordinary day of a stay at home mom. I attached the poem to my November Book Club invitation and was pleasantly surprised by how many of my friends loved it and now have it pinned up on our fridges as a ready answer to anyone enquiring how our day was.”


Download your poem here.


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