A helping hand for cancer survivors

We had such a lovely morning celebrating with Reach for Recovery (a support group of trained volunteers who personally experienced Breast Cancer and its treatment), Pick n Pay and the South African Mushroom Farmers’ Association (SAMFA).

Breast Cancer Awareness

Do you remember the Mushroom Pink Punnet campaign in support of Breast Cancer Awareness from October last year? Well, the breakfast was to celebrate and hand over a cheque to Reach for Recovery for the money raised during that month – a whopping R414,473.00!

The funds raised through the Mushroom Pink Punnet campaign is predominantly used to buy silicone prostheses for women who can’t afford them. One prosthesis cost between R2000 – R3000. The funding also allows R4R to create support materials that help survivors and their families, and it also extends their work further into needy communities throughout South Africa.

Beulah Jankelowitz and Ross Richardson

SAMFA chairperson Ross Richardson hands over the R414,473.00 raised during the Mushroom Pink Punnet campaign in October last year to Beulah Jankelowitz, the National Coordinator of Reach  for Recovery.

Breast Cancer Facts

  •  Breast Cancer is the number one cancer in women worldwide and is the second most common cancer amongst South African women. Statistics state that 1 in 26 women in South Africa will get breast cancer in their lifetime.
  • Breast Cancer is a serious disease which could lead to a loss of a breast or even death. However, if detected early it can be treated successfully.
  •  According to researchers at the University of Western Australia, women who eat at least 10g of white button mushrooms per day are 64% less likely to develop breast cancer.

Who is at risk of Breast Cancer?

All women are at risk, but you are more at risk if you:

  • Are over 40.
  • Have a mother or sister who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
  • Started your period at a young age.
  • Have gone through menopause at a late stage.
  • Had your first child after 30 or no children at all.
  • Drink more than two glassed of alcohol a day.

Other factors with an increased risk are:

  • Oral contraception taken in excess of five years prior to first pregnancy.
  • Hormone replacement therapy in excess of five years.
  • Diet high in saturated fat.
  • High stress levels.
  • Obesity.

Breast Cancer Awareness 2

Visit www.reach4recovery.org.za for more information.

Remember to do a breast self-examination every month! It can save your life! And don’t forget to buy your pink punnet later this year! Every little bit makes a difference!


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