3 Reasons why we loved The Winter Sculpture Fair

Tucked away in the Cradle of Humankind in Gauteng lies a hidden gem – the Nirox Sculpture Park – home to nearly 100 sculptures by more than 50 contemporary artists.

Stuck in the city all week one often forgets how beautiful it is on the outskirts of Jozi. So, needless to say we were very excited to leave the city behind and venture into the ‘Jozi Countryside’ for the Winter Sculpture Fair on Sunday. I’m not sure what we expected to find there – perhaps a couple of sculptures in a room you can browse through in about 20 minutes and be on your way again, but how wrong I was.

It was one of the best Jozi day outings I’ve been on in a while – and the kids in attendance seemed to love every minute of it too.

We loved it so much, we rounded-up three reasons why you should take your family there next year:

1. The sculptures are really interesting. They’re scattered all along the pretty grass paths with a beautiful view. Even the kids won’t mind taking a peek at them.

Artist: Johannes Maswanganyi       Sculpture name: Desmond Tutu

Sculpture fair

Artist: Jop Kunneke  Sculpture name: Nothing but a Hound Dog

Sculpture Fair 5

Artist: Cobus Haupt Sculpture name: Self

Sculpture Fair 3

Artist: Pat Mautloa Sculpture name: Horse, 2011

Sculpture Fair 2

2. It’s a great day out with your family plus there’s a marketplace that showcased some of Franschhoek’s finest food and wine producers. We loved the Chakalaka burger, not to mention the chocolate dipped strawberries and nougat! We were in heaven. You can even take your own chairs and a blanket with and set up a nice picnic spot under the trees next to the pond.


3. The view is beautiful! And there is plenty of space on the vast green lawns for the kids to run around and play.



more grass and pond

We hope to see you there next year! We’ll keep you updated with the details!


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