Behind the scenes with our Comfort Cover Stars Winner!

From the minute Alicia Mathiga and baby Rorisang set foot in the studio in Fourways on the day of their professional photo shoot, we fell in love with this gorgeous mom and her baby. So did our judges. Alicia and Rorisang where voted our Comfort Cover Stars Winners and are gracing the cover of our December issue, currently on shelves.

Here are 21 of our favourite Behind the scenes snaps from their photo shoot:

Little Rori in her strollerLittle Rorisang arrives at the shoot looking stylish in her stroller.

Mom and daughter relax before their busy day start

Mom and daughter spend a quiet moment together before their busy day starts.

Catering beautiful

Breakfast is served! Everyone needed a bite before the busy day began!

The catering was a feast for the eye - from the yummy snacks to the beautiful presentation

Both the décor and the yummy treats where a feast for the eyes!

These cupcakes are addictive

These cupcakes are incredibly moreish!

Alicia gets her make-up done

Make-up artist, Tamzin Reynolds, gets Alicia camera-ready for her big moment.

Kenneth and his little girl spend some quality time together

Daddy, Kenneth, babysits while mommy has her make-up done.

Snack time

It’s snack time!

Our Ed Sonya Naude and Alicia

Our Editor, Sonya Naude, with Alicia.

Stylist Mandy Varrie makes sure Alicia is looking perfect

Stylist, Mandy Varrie, makes sure that Alicia looks perfect for the camera.

Wardrobe change for little Rori

Wardrobe change for little Rori.

Little Rori takes a break

Nope, no cameras please. I just want to chill here for a bit.

Photographer Cindy does everything in her power to get a smile from Rori

Photographer, Cindy Ellis, pulls out all the stops to get a smile out of little Rori.

Rori's turn for a touch-up

Yes, I need a  touch-up please.

The Living & Loving team with little Rorisang

Stylist Mandy Varrie, our Ed Sonya Naude and Art Director Geoff Maher with the star of the day.

We adore this outfit

We just adore this outfit little Rori is wearing.

bottle time

All this smiling is making me hungry!

Just chilling

Just chilling!

It's tickle time

It’s tickle time!

Let's phone someone

Just a minute please, I need to make a phone call first.

It's a wrap!

It’s a wrap!


Get your December issue on shelves now!


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