Behind the scenes with Comfort Cover Stars second runner-up, Natasha Kistan!

With her beautiful curly hair, baby Neha instantly stole our hearts when she arrived with mom, Natasha, for their photoshoot.

Here are 10 of our favourite Behind the scenes snaps from their big day:

Ed Sonya Naude with Neha

Living & Loving Editor, Sonya with little Neha.

Breakfast is served

Breakfast is served.

Natasha getting make-up done

Hair & make-up artist, Tamzin Reynolds gets Natasha camera ready.

But I don't want to get dressed

But, I don’t want to get dressed yet!

Daddy takes little Neha for a walk

Daddy takes his favourite girl for a walk.

Lights, camera, action

Lights, camera, action!

No, it's playtime

No! It’s playtime now!

These macaroons are to die for

These Macaroons are to die for! Yummy!

The Team behind the scenes

The team who made the day possible with Natasha and her family.

It's a wrap

It’s a wrap!

Read more about Natasha and gorgeous little Neha’s special day in our December issue, on shelves now!

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Behind the scenes with Comfort Cover Stars Runner-up, Chandra Frade!

Chandra Frade and little Zachariah stole our hearts from the minute they arrived at their photoshoot. Cute Zachariah had the entire team wrapped around his finger in no time at all.

Here are some of our favourite Behind the Scenes snaps from the day:

Leoni from Comfort hands over Chandra and Zacharia's hamper

Leoni from Comfort greets Chandra and little Zachariah on arrival.

Look at this amazing breakfast spread

Look at this amazing breakfast spread! Yummy!

Tamzin gets Chandra camera ready

Hair and make-up artist, Tamzin Reynolds, gets Chandra camera ready.

Let's play ballZachariah entertains the team while mommy’s in hair and make-up.


Peek-a-boo! I see you!

Stylist Mandie Varrie makes sure Chandra looks perfect for the camera

Stylist, Mandie Varrie, makes sure Chandra looks picture-perfect for the camera.

Lights, camera, action

Lights, camera, action!

No, it's playtime now

No, it’s playtime now!

It's a wrap

It’s a wrap! Congratulations Chandra and Zachariah! You are both gorgeous!

Read more about Chandra and Zachariah’s shoot in our December issue, on shelves now.

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Behind the scenes with our Comfort Cover Stars Winner!

From the minute Alicia Mathiga and baby Rorisang set foot in the studio in Fourways on the day of their professional photo shoot, we fell in love with this gorgeous mom and her baby. So did our judges. Alicia and Rorisang where voted our Comfort Cover Stars Winners and are gracing the cover of our December issue, currently on shelves.

Here are 21 of our favourite Behind the scenes snaps from their photo shoot:

Little Rori in her strollerLittle Rorisang arrives at the shoot looking stylish in her stroller.

Mom and daughter relax before their busy day start

Mom and daughter spend a quiet moment together before their busy day starts.

Catering beautiful

Breakfast is served! Everyone needed a bite before the busy day began!

The catering was a feast for the eye - from the yummy snacks to the beautiful presentation

Both the décor and the yummy treats where a feast for the eyes!

These cupcakes are addictive

These cupcakes are incredibly moreish!

Alicia gets her make-up done

Make-up artist, Tamzin Reynolds, gets Alicia camera-ready for her big moment.

Kenneth and his little girl spend some quality time together

Daddy, Kenneth, babysits while mommy has her make-up done.

Snack time

It’s snack time!

Our Ed Sonya Naude and Alicia

Our Editor, Sonya Naude, with Alicia.

Stylist Mandy Varrie makes sure Alicia is looking perfect

Stylist, Mandy Varrie, makes sure that Alicia looks perfect for the camera.

Wardrobe change for little Rori

Wardrobe change for little Rori.

Little Rori takes a break

Nope, no cameras please. I just want to chill here for a bit.

Photographer Cindy does everything in her power to get a smile from Rori

Photographer, Cindy Ellis, pulls out all the stops to get a smile out of little Rori.

Rori's turn for a touch-up

Yes, I need a  touch-up please.

The Living & Loving team with little Rorisang

Stylist Mandy Varrie, our Ed Sonya Naude and Art Director Geoff Maher with the star of the day.

We adore this outfit

We just adore this outfit little Rori is wearing.

bottle time

All this smiling is making me hungry!

Just chilling

Just chilling!

It's tickle time

It’s tickle time!

Let's phone someone

Just a minute please, I need to make a phone call first.

It's a wrap!

It’s a wrap!


Get your December issue on shelves now!

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Behind the scenes at our November beach kiddies fashion shoot!

We recently shot our beautiful November beach kiddies’ fashion on location at Vic Bay in George. The team had a blast!

Here’s 20 of our favourite ‘behind the scenes’ snaps from the day.


Stylist Mandy Varrie (left) and photographer Cindy Ellis (right) strike a pose before the madness begins.


The little ones get to know each other a little better before the fun starts.


Stylist Mandy Varrie gets our little models camera-ready.


Time to put on some super-cool shorts!


Mandy makes sure our little star is properly dressed and ready to ‘surf’.


Ooh aah … gorgeous eyes!


Yes, and the shark was this big!


Time to strike a pose for the camera!


The little ones get some playtime in on the beach!


Skater boy!


Mom is on hair duty!


This little guy is having tons of fun!


No, it’s mine!


The water’s too cold!


Our models have some fun in the water.


Lets build a sand castle.


Going to catch myself a big fish with this net.


No … no more pants for today!


But mom! I want to play now!


Get your November issue, on shelves now! Our stunning cover was also shot on location at Vic Bay in George.

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A new play spot for moms and kids

We attended the launch of the newly opened Free Range Life Centre which forms part of the Rustic Timber Centre on Witkpoppen Road, in Fourways, Johannesburg last week. All we can say is – wow! What an amazing spot for moms to relax and little one’s to run around and play.


We love that this centre, catering specifically for moms and babies, has age-specific play areas. There’s a play area for little ones aged 0 – 3 years and another one for kids 3 years and older – both with childminders who look after your kids while you relax and catch up with friends.


There’s even a ‘live-in’ mother hen with baby chicks that the kids just adore.


With so much to do, moms and kids can easily spend  many hours at the Free Range Life Centre. There’s a fun jungle gym and sand art area for the older kids, and a smaller play area for the little ones. And the food really is delicious! With separate menu for adults and kids, moms can now finally enjoy a grown-up meal while the little ones snack on their pizzas or mac and cheese, and sip on a lemonade with sour worms (they’ll love this treat). The menu even offers puréed options for little ones 6 months +.






There’s even a cooking school, Olive Branch Cookery School, on the premises that offers cooking courses for moms, domestic workers, corporate functions and even kiddies birthday parties on weekends. They also have moms and tots classes (from 18 months – 4 years) where moms and kids can spend the morning baking cookies and pizzas.


A bakery, a toy store, a baby boutique and a clothing store for moms and kids also form part of the centre. They have the most beautiful gifts and toys for Christmas!


We had a fabulous time with the owner of the cookery school, Margy Vally, who gave us some really clever ideas for Christmas snacks! And they can all be made from leftovers! Keep an eye on our website for these quick and easy recipes!






If you’re in the Fourways area, be sure to stop at the Free Range Life Centre!


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Behind the scenes at our October kiddies fashion shoot

We had a ball shooting our carnival-inspired kiddies fashion at The Lifestyle Play Ride Centre and Entertainment Park  in Randburg.  Here are some of our favourite ‘Behind the scenes’ snaps of the day.

1 Ticket please sir

One ticket please!

All aboard

All aboard!


Wait for me!


Popcorn – nom, nom, nom!


We just adore this outfit!


Ok, I don’t want anymore popcorn!


But maybe I’ll just pick it up quickly.


We love this sassy pose!


Are we done yet?


Time for my break!


We just adore this pic!   Fashion_Carnival-54

Our little models had a ball while shooting the fashion spread!


Stylist Mandy Varrie gets everything in place for the final shot.


How adorable is this skirt? And we love the hat!


This is one of our favourite pics of the day!


Say cheese!


But I don’t want the balloons!

We love her sassy attitude

It’s a wrap!


See the full fashion spread in our October issue, on shelves now!

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Why every expecting mom should have a pampering session

Living & Loving’s managing editor, Nandini Parshotam recently spend a blissful day at Sherbet Angel being pampered from top to toe.

Every preggy mom-to-be needs some pampering, especially towards the end of her pregnancy when backaches, swollen legs and other niggles start to surface. I was fortunate enough to be invited by Sherbet Angel in Parkhurst, Johannesburg to come in for a pregnancy pampering session.  Owned and run by a mom and daughter duo, Jo and Lisa, this spa specialises in anti-ageing facials, nails and massage treatments but it was their pre- and post pregnancy treatments that caught my eye. And the products they use to make a mommy-to-be feel extra special is the Mama Mio pregnancy skincare range – simply divine.

After being welcomed warmly and shown around the quaint and beautifully decorated spa, I was  taken to my massage room for their gorgeous glow top-to-toe package. The afternoon kicked off with the pregnancy back massage: As a pregnant woman you don’t realise just how much strain your body is carrying with the weight of your growing baby. So it felt wonderful lying on my side while having someone ease and gently massage my aching muscles. I very quickly slipped into a dream-like state; I think I even snored at one point. When it was time for my pregnancy facial, my relaxed body again sank into the massage bed, my face was gently exfoliated, cleansed, steamed and then lathered in a luscious mask to enhance that talked about pregnancy glow.

Treatment room

As I slowly came out of my relaxed state, I was taken to the pedicure area, where I was asked to take a seat on one of the thrones – yes thrones. And over a cup of refreshing herbal tea the lighten up leg treatment began. This treatment was cooling as it done to help relieve swollen feet and ankles. While I have been fortunate not to have swollen feet during my pregnancy, this treatment did feel wonderful. Once this was done, the express foot treatment started. One thing I miss doing myself is a mini pedi at home, but now that I have this growing belly, reaching my toes have become impossible. So I delighted in the fact that my feet where pampered with a massage, scrub, file, moisturized and then made to look so pretty with a lovely pink shade on my toes. Three hours later, I was truly in a state of complete bliss.

Decor 1

Even though it’s not always possible, a little pamper time makes such a difference to any women’s mood. For a pregnant fairy, this couldn’t be more true. As our bodies change to accommodate our growing bumps and with hormones raging, you don’t always feel your pretty self. So why not spoil yourself (or get your other half to spoil you) during this time, after all you are carrying precious cargo.

For more info on what pregnancy packages Sherbet Angel has to offer, visit and to see Mama Mio’s full pregnancy skincare range and as well as their post pregnancy range, visit


Nandini was 32 weeks pregnant at the time of her visit to the Spa. She and her husband welcomed their beautiful baby girl into the world on Friday 29 August! Congrats Mom and Dad!

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Behind the scenes at the Living & Loving September Fashion shoot

We had so much fun shooting our enchanting spring kiddies fashion spread for our September issue, on shelves now, at Morrells Boutique Estate in Northcliff, Joburg.

Here are 10 of our favourite Behind the Scenes snaps from the day:

Living & Loving Spring kiddies fashion

Mommy gets her little princess camera ready.

Living & Loving kiddies fashion

We just adore this cute outfit!

Living & Loving kiddies fashion

The little girl looks really upset, maybe about sharing the limelight and the little boy looks like he just did something very naughty! Too cute.

Living & Loving kiddies fashion

A tea party for two.

Living & Loving kiddies fashion

But I don’t want to play with the bunny!

Living & Loving kiddies fashion

How adorable is this little man in his suit and tie?

Living & Loving kiddies fashion

Eeeek we’re going to be in Living and Loving magazine…

Living & Loving kiddies fashion

But mom, I don’t want to play this game anymore.

Living & Loving kiddies fashion shoot

Stylist, Mandy Varrie poses with one of the cute little models of the day!

Living & Loving kiddies fashion

Oh man look at that face – too adorable! But he doesn’t look like a happy chappy!

September cover

Check out our beautiful spring fashion shoot in our September issue, on shelves now!



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New Disney movies to look forward to

We recently attended the Disney content showcase at Monte Casino in Johannesburg and we’re very excited to tell you about two very special events you and your family can look forward to in the next two months.

 Planes: Fire & Rescue

Everyone’s favourite plane, Dusty, is back!


“Planes: Fire & Rescue” is about second chances, featuring a dynamic crew of elite fire fighting aircraft devoted to protecting the historic Piston Peak National Park from raging wildfire. When world famous air racer Dusty learns that his engine is damaged and he may never race again, he must shift gears and is launched into the world of aerial fire fighting. Dusty joins forces with veteran fire-and-rescue helicopter Blade Ranger and his courageous team, including spirited air tanker Dipper, heavy-lift helicopter Windlifter, ex-military transport Cabbie and a lively bunch of brave all-terrain vehicles known as The Smokejumpers. Together, the fearless team battles a massive wildfire and Dusty learns what it takes to become a true hero.


Releasing in cinemas on 26 September 2014

Planes: Fire and Rescue

Lucky Duck

 The first ever Disney Junior Original Movie, Lucky Duck, will be premiering on Disney Junior, Channel 309 on DStv on Saturday 23 August at 9am.

Lucky Duck

Lucky Duck is an unflappable rubber duck with a broken squeaker. When he fails an inspection at the toy factory he finds himself on a boat, inside a shipping crate, along with two kindred spirits – a sassy and extrovert hippo with miss-matched eyes named Flo and a timid turtle named Snap. When they find themselves stranded at sea after the cargo ship they are being transported on is caught in a storm, they must fight to save their lives. Is this where Lucky Duck’s luck runs out?





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Behind the scenes at our August mommy make-overs

In our August issue, on shelves now, we gave three mommies a make-over to show you what a difference a hair cut and a new outfit can make to a pregnant or busy mom’s life.

Here are some snaps of what went on Behind the scenes at Tanaz Hair, Body & Nails in Johannesburg:

Tamsyn Zoghby

Tamsyn Zoghby, 27, is mom to Adam, 5 months. She looks gorgeous after her make-over. See our August issue for her before picture and find out how to get her look.

Tamsyn gets her hair done

The team at Tanaz are hard at work to create the perfect look for Tamsyn.

Lauren Fischer

Lauren Fischer, 28, is pregnant with twins. Her new shorter hair style with the richer colour frames her face beautifully. Find out how to get her look in our August issue.

Lauren getting hair cutLauren says farewell to her longer locks in favour of a new shorter style.

Lauren make-up 2

Samantha Westlake, make-up artist from Dr. Hauschka smudged black liner onto Lauren’t upper and lower lash lines to give her a new, fresh look. 

Tintswalo Nsibande

Tintswalo Nsibande, 27, is mom to Israel, 22 months old. Look how she’s glowing after this pamper session.

Tintswalo getting ready for her make-over

Tintswalo gets ready for her new hair-do.

Tinnie's hair

We love her new trendy Mohawk. Find out how to get her look in our August issue, on shelves now. 

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